Parche de saúde de coidado de varices

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Parche de saúde de coidado de varices
Parche de saúde de coidado de varices
What causes varicose veins?

Varicose veins are caused by increased blood pressure in the veins. Varicose veins happen in the veins near the surface of the skin (superficial).

The blood moves towards the heart by one-way valves in the veins. When the valves become weakened or damaged, blood can collect in the veins. This causes the veins to become enlarged. Sitting or standing for long periods can cause blood to pool in the leg veins, increasing the pressure within the veins. The veins can stretch from the increased pressure. This may weaken the walls of the veins and damage the valves.

The ingredient that makes Varicose Care Health Patch so effective

This greatly helps with blood circulationmaking it a perfect remedy for people with varicose veins. Ginger helps improve blood circulation by dissolving fibrin that pools in blood vessels which gives varicose veins their characteristic purplish-blue color.

Parche de saúde de coidado de varices

Artemisa chinesa
A herbaceous perennial plant that helps to reduce natural amino acids that are known to damage blood vessels. Beets are incredibly high in nutrients.

Semente de uva
It contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs), and antioxidants that appear to strengthen the connective tissue structure of blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

Como funciona?

Varicose Care Health Patch produces heat that makes the vein wall collapse, closing and sealing it shut. After the vein has been sealed, the blood naturally flows and is redirected to healthy veins.Parche de saúde de coidado de varices

  • Reduces Varicose Veins
    Packed with Ginger, the Varicose Care Health Patch helps blood circulation that eases varicose veins.
  • Reduce o inchazo
    Reduce swelling, inflammation, and vein bulging.
  • Alivio da dor
    The Varicose Veins Foot Patch provides pain relief against varicose veins and muscle over-exhaustion.
  • Non invasivo
    The Varicose Care Health Patch is designed to work when applied topically. It does not require ingestion and/or injection to take effect.
  • Indolor
    No need to worry about the pain after patch removal because comfort is a priority during the development of Varicose Veins Foot Patch.
  • Easy to Apply
    The Varicose Care Health Patch would take less than three minutes to apply.


  1. Limpar a zona das pernas
  2. Stick the Varicose Care Health Patch
  3. Wait for 8-9 hrs, then peel off (for best results use before bedtime)