Soporte magnético para sombreiro de viaxe


Soporte magnético para sombreiro de viaxe
Soporte magnético para sombreiro de viaxe

No need to constantly hold your hats anymore with this Soporte magnético para sombreiro de viaxe!☀️👒

Soporte magnético para sombreiro de viaxe

This hat clip is designed with a magnetic snap that grips securely onto the brims of your summer hats. It features a golden buckle that can attach firmly to any bag straps or handles to keep your head accessory always easily at hand when needed. Allowing you to effortlessly carry your hat around mans libres during travels and giving you the option to wear or not wear your fedora. Moreover, this holder can be used on different hat types like sun hat, fedora, baseball hat, cap, sun visor hat, and such. It can also mount scarves, washcloths, and mini towels on wall hooks and various racks.    

The hat holder offers a strong magnetic hold that secures your precious hats in place even as you walk or when strong wind blows. No worries as it grips tight without leaving unwanted dents, scratches, and other damages behind. What’s more? This magnetic hat holder comes in a lovely leaf shape that can fashionably match through any bag designs and outfit style. You can even leave it alone hanging in bags while looking like a cute, stylish keychain. Made with premium PU leather that can withstand years of usage without loosening magnetism or wearing off. 

Have a hands-free and hassle free hat toting using this Magnetic Travel Hat Holder!☀️👒


  • Potente retención magnética 
    hands-free solution to keep your hats or caps together with you during travels and vacations even when not worn. Featuring a buckle that you can attach to your bags and an easy-snap super magnetic closure that locks tightly onto the hat edge for a maximum hold. Preventing your summer hats from falling off even as you create excessive movements like walking, running, hiking, or even through strong winds. Making it an ideal companion for those who love to travel with hats, but don’t want to inconveniently hold it all the time or ruin their shape when stored.

  • Gold-Plated Strong Buckle
    Chega con un sturdy, fancy gold buckle iso pode ser smoothly fastened and removed through your bag straps or handles. It can secure your hat into different bags, including backpacks, travel bags, schoolbags, shoulder bags, totes, handbags, duffel bags, and so on. This holder can be even attached to your pant loops or mounted on wall hooks and different racks.

Soporte magnético para sombreiro de viaxe

  • Aplicación ancha
    Can be used for various hat styles like sun hat, fedora, baseball hat, cap, sun visor hat, and so on. It can even hold items such as a scarf, mini towels, washcloths, and more possibilities. No worries as even with its secured magnetic hold it won’t leave damages or ugly grip dents behind unlike with other products.

  • Ultimately Stylish
    This versatile hat holder is professionally-constructed with high-quality PU leather materials and fine stitchings. It offers a stylish leah-shape design with a beautifully golden buckle that adds a touch of elegance. This can blend fashionable on different bag styles and even to your OOTDs. What’s more? Its clever leaf style allows it to be left alone on your bags while looking like a cute keychain.
  • Doado de usar
    This easy travel hat clip can be effortlessly attached to any bag in no time with just 2 steps. Simply fasten the gold carabiner to the strap or handle of your bag, then snap the magnet around the brim of your hat, and you’re good to go! You can also just open the magnetic snap anytime to take off your hat or if you want to put it back.
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