Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza

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Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza
Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza

Before we start, Let’s examine our delighted customers!

Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza
“I’ve only done two times of Dreamate, but I already feel so much better. It has been a God Send to me for my chronic depression, PTSD, and anxiety. After only a week, I was almost coming out of my depression. The suicidal thoughts that used to come up so often never crossed my mind again. My boss told me”look better, like I can’t see the pain behind your eyes anymore”. I wasn’t expecting such subtle, quick results.”-Yasmin Edwards, 26, San Diego, CA

“I use this massager to help myself fall asleep easier after a hard day of mental work. I fall asleep in seconds and wake up rested like never before. This is a fantastic alternative to prescription sleep aids. It’s natural, effective, and provides fast relief from sleeplessness without any negative side effects.”-Benjamin Warren, 20, Newark, DE

Do you suffering from these pains?

Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza

According to WHO, respectively approx. 262 million and 303 million people suffer from depression and insomnia worldwide. Insomnia and headaches lead to physical fatigue, inattention, increase many diseases. Depression and anxiety lead to self-denial, social impairment, and even suicide.

Dreamate is there for you

Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabezaIt is not a drug, “shock” therapy, or surgery. It is a safe, effective treatment without the side effects of medication that can help you achieve long-term relief from the symptoms of insomnia. So far, over 125,000 patients have been treated with Dreamate.

Dreamate is THE ONE for anxiety and depression

Dreamate ten unha forma única de TENS+, unha terapia non invasiva que utiliza pulsos magnéticos dirixidos para estimular áreas inactivas do cerebro en persoas con ansiedade e depresión.

Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza
TENS+ is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy. It uses focused magnetic pulses, similar to an MRI, to reignite dormant synapses in the brain and help your brain function the way it was meant to.

Innovative technology TENS+ 

Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza
Independent research and development, it uses external trigeminal nerve stimulation (TENS+) technology to activate endogenous morphine-like neurons in the brain, causing the release of endogenous morphine-like peptides to produce analgesic effects to prevent and treat primary migraine.

It stimulates the nerve endings by applying a weak electric current to the body parts, thereby changing the nerve transmission and perception, so as to restore mental well-being.

What do expert say

Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza
“Having used these devices in a non-medical setting for evaluation, I see these as very useful alternative to hands on approaches. They are pretty straightforward in their operation and can provide relief and help sleep. In addition, studies have also shown that it performs vibration massage on head muscles and acupoints, and the frequency is close to human brain waves. Therefore, it is very effective for mental illness, such as anxiety and depression.” says Trisha Jarnagin, Psy.D.

O que nos fai mellores 

Accurately touch the acupoints on the head, run qi and blood, better release the pressure on the head, and deeply relieve fatigue.
It has been proved the degree of subjective relaxation reaches 34%, and the number of vibrations per minute reaches 8,500 times, which can instantly relieve stress.
Perform current finger pressure in a way similar to acupuncture, knead and press the gallbladder meridian, and dredge the meridians.
Massage deeply layer by layer, improving blood circulation in the brain.

Como funciona

Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza
Dreamate™ performs neuromodulation by sending low-frequency pulses of specific frequency to the target area in the brain responsible for the release of endorphins, and reaches the high-level centers of the cerebral cortex through the nerves on the frame, which will regulate signals from various biological and physical channels, activate the endorphin system of the human body, and help the human body restore sleep function.

Lovable features:

✓ Alivio rápido da dor de cabeza (todos os tipos)
✓Derme en minutos
✓Reduce a fatiga, a tensión e o estrés
✓Prevén danos nos tecidos
✓Reduce a ansiedade e a depresión
✓Promove a relaxación
✓Revitaliza a saúde física e mental
✓Mellora a memoria e a concentración
Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza

Our massager is extraordinary, they say

“I’m a college student who often feels restless and worried and was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I tried Dreamate for 2 weeks and gradually returned to normal life and social functioning. Now I feel easy and freshed, symptoms of physical discomfort disappeared. I do not avoid social situations, not worrying my performance, and I get Internship opportunities in well-known companies.”-Marilyn Stevens, 18, Orlando, FL

Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza
“I take this everywhere is an understatement. I could use Dreamate™ for hours! Plus it help when I get migraines and tension headaches which is something I struggle with since it increases blood flow to the scalp. The massager is a life saver!”-David Murrietta, 35, Aurora, IL

“Whether you’re recovering from a night of heavy drinking or just looking for a way to unwind after a stressful day, this massager is a must-have. It is perfect for promoting relaxation, reducing fatigue and tension. This product provided excellent relief. I was able to rest comfortably and would highly recommend it!”-Alice Griffin, 28, Saint Paul, MN

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Masaxeiro Dreamate™ TENS+ para aliviar a dor de cabeza